Back  in  time  when  we were  little kids, we used  to  imagine valleys, mountains and plains in  which  we played  and  fascinated  the  entire  world  in. Exploration and adventure are the main core basis in the formulation of this imaginary picture that enables us  to  have  wider gates  for the  future filled  with  vitality, activity and hope.
Those simple little things of stones, gravels and twigs help us build a brighter future that  is indulged  with  astonishing citizens  willing to  build  a promising vision  for the coming days. Last but not the least; never miss such a memorable opportunity that will elevate your adventurous experience to a higher level.

  1. Umm Ruttam Palace trail walk:
      A 2 hours 8 Km walk toward the south west.
  2. Mount Aaron walk:
    Track eastward from the site toward the end of Umm Rutam Valley or South into AlduliaVally and up a yellow mountain called Akerbah until reaching the mountain’s nick, and then a 150 meters walk toward the east where a foot walk trail will appear to the left. This trail leads to the shrine of  Prophet Aaron. It takes about 7 hours to complete this trail and reach the shrine.
  3. Al-Beida trail walk:
    Walk towards the East of Bier Mathkour site all the way to end of the Umm Ratam Valley along the Ancient Palace and then climbing  Sleisel Mountain, and after completing ascent of the mountain continue walking toward the east over the hells all the way to Little Petra (Albeida).
  4. Wadi Namala trail walk:
    walk towards the North of Bier Mathkour site until reaching dunes called Wadi Araba Beach about 12 km away and it is about (3) hours walk