The History of this area

Bier mathkour for eco-tourism located in a natural place surrounded from the east with mountains and from the west with Plain areas characterized by desert climate and all this gives a greatness bio diversity of the region, and thus gives the site the importance for tourism.
 The site is considered to be the starting point for the trails of several sites and this is what distinguishes it for having the natural resources that helps the tourists to practice and explore it. We will be mentioning the surrounded locations around the site of Bier mathkour in detail later.

Places around Bier mathkour location:

Khirbet Bier mathkour
This location is back to an ancient dilapidated Romanian era, as they say is still ongoing Active exploration far away from the tourist site close to (10) meters from the eastern side of the site, which is a phenomenon tourist attractions

Bir mathkour ancient police station
This station where established and built on 1953, it was built on a hill that is next to the tourism location, the station was for the Bedouin forces, and it was working until 1999, and then it was transferred to the new village. It was built by an order from Kloub Basha, the stones that was belt from the station was from the ancient Romanian palace which we will provide the details later.

The Old Well (Bier Mathkour)
It goes back to the Roman era and is non-running water well named after the person called Mathkour who renovated it back then

Om Rattam Castle
This castle is located in the east of Bier Mathkour with distance of 10KM driving and 8KM on feet. Om Rattam was built in the Roman epic He was a protector of the caravan routes of trade in that time, the palace is supplied with water from Wadi Moses through Wadi Slesel to Roman palace

Om Alamad cave
The old Cave did not identify Pettm period of time established by and named after mayors or because they contain columns.
Carved rock was this cave is a very old mines for the extraction of minerals and rocks of the surrounding area Bimorph containing copper, well away from the site mentioned about the tourist (25) kilometers to the south.

Is a room carved rock on top of a hill and has a drawer also carved rock was used to monitor and protect the caravan routes in the past and back to the era Nabatiyeh The Gate caravan to Petra from the west and away from the OmAlamad cave about (4) kilometers from the north.