Jordan is known for its historical and archaeological sites where the greatness of civilization and culture meet. Not to mention the breathtaking tourist sites that give the visitor the breeze of recreation and leisure, as well as the opportunity to experience the beauty of ancient cultures. Be’er Mathkour is one of those attractive sites for such unforgettable adventures.
First Day:
·    Departure from Amman to Be’er Mathkour 
·    Arrival – dormitories distribution.
·    Prepare for “Lion of the desert “adventure. (An adventure divided into three stages,
where they get to walk towards Om Rattam using a compass as well as a military
map. In this adventure, food and water are being stored in advance, in order to be
distributed to participants when needed. This adventure teaches the participants
sense of responsibility and tolerance.)
·    Dinner at “Khirbet Al Qaser” using the method of outdoor self cooking and
·    Back to the main location using the signs of the stars, land indicators and the
reflection of light.
·    Arrival to campus – sleep time.

Second Day:  
·    Sight inspection for the surrounding valleys 
·    Professional mountain repelling  
·    Bedouin Lunch 
·    Head back to Amman.
Time Frame: One Day  
·    10:00AM Departure and arrival to Be’er Mathkour 
·    10:00AM-11:00AM Breakfast Time
·    11:00AM-2:00PM Wadi Araba adventure 
·    2:00PM-3:00PM Self cooking lunch
·    3:00PM-5:00PM Head to Be’er Mathkour’s police station using a map (Treasure
·    5:00PM-7:00PM Mountain repelling 
·    7:00PM-10:00PM Arrival to Amman